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Huaxing Poultry Cage Installation for Israel Client

December 1, 2021

Warm congratulations to our Israel Client who are busy with HUAXING poultry cage installations in their farm!


This customer raises about 15400hens with 4tiers 160birds A type HUAXING layer chicken cages. These laying chicken cages are come with automatic drinking system, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection system and scraper type automatic manure cleaning system. The chicken pen is 70*13*3.5M(L*W*H).


Poultry farming cages are widely used for commercial layer chicken farms, commercial broiler farms, baby chick farms, chicken breeder farmes, egg duck farms, meat duck farms, commercial rabbit breeder farms, layer quail farms, etc. Raw materials are Q235 black steel wire with hot dipped galvanized, hot galvanized or cold galvanized surface treatments. Cold galvanized also called Electro-galvanized. 


Chicken cage features of HUAXING poultry cages:

A. Easy to install and operate

B. Highly corrosion resistant, long life time

C. Low disease and death rate

D. Floor saving and cost efficient
E. Extend the egg-laying cycle time.
F. Lower egg damage rate


If you have any questions about chicken poultry equipments or farming layouts, welcome to contact HUAXING POULTRY EQUIPMENTS, We will offer you the best solution based on 20 years' design experience.


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