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Henan Huaxing Poultry Equipments Co.,Ltd. 86-371-88880127 nancy@huaxinghusbandry.com
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We focus on Poultry Chicken Cage, Layer Chicken Cage, Broiler Chicken Cage, Baby Chick Cage products and so on

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China Henan Huaxing Poultry Equipments Co.,Ltd.

Henan Huaxing Poultry Equipments Co.,Ltd.

Henan Huaxing Poultry Euipments Co., Ltd established in 1996, a professional manufacturer of poultry farming Equipments. We are mainly for layer cages, broiler cages and baby chick cages,Rabbit cage and so on.We have full automatic systems for drinking, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning and environment control, etc. Our design team could provide free services for house design, technical consultation. Our commitment: Our mission is “Making breed will be more relaxed!” In the company, quality being our first priority, all manufacturing procedures are certified ISO 9001.With state-of-the-art equipment, Huaxing Poultry Cage is committed to offer the customers with high quality and cost effective products.

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