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Waterline management for laying hens

November 25, 2021

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1. Control of drinking water temperature in summer:
Physiologically, chickens like to drink 16~19℃. High water temperature. Drinking water decreases and feed intake decreases, which not only affects production performance, but also increases the burden on the kidneys due to lack of water, causing gout and other diseases to increase the mortality rate. Adequate drinking water, even if the temperature is higher, the impact on the chickens will not be great! First of all, put the water storage tank on the side of the chicken coop near the water curtain, or put it in a cool shade and avoid exposure to the sun, so as to keep the drinking water cool; at the same time, empty the water in the water line in the house at noon and fill it again, or at the water line The end keeps it in a long-flowing water state, thereby effectively reducing the water temperature in the pipeline.

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2. The standard of the water consumption of laying hens and the standard of the water output of nipple drinker:
The water intake of chickens can be increased by week age: 1 week to 6 weeks old chicks, each chicken needs 20ml~100ml per day; 7 weeks to 1 week old, each chicken 100ml~200ml per day; non-laying hens 200ml ~230ml; 230ml for laying hens, and the seasons vary greatly. The ratio of water consumption to feed intake is: water consumption at 20°C is twice the feed intake; in a high temperature 35°C environment, the water intake is 3-5 times the feed intake.
The amount of drinking water increases with the increase in egg production.
Standard for nipple water output: (day age + 20) ml/min for brooding and growing chickens; general (120-160) ml/min for laying hens (160 ml/min in summer)
Low water intake, insufficient feed intake, decreased production performance, and increased death rate.

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3. Measures to increase water output:
1). Increase the water pressure, increase the height of the pressure relief valve and increase the height of the water tank (15-20 cm above the drinking horizontal line);
2). When laying hens drink water or have too much vitamins, the water line should be flushed with a high-pressure water gun after medication or vitamins on a regular basis to prevent the drug from remaining in the drinking fountain. Make sure that the water line has enough head;

3). Use special water line cleaner to clean the water line regularly.

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4. If deep underground water is used, it should be filtered multiple times to ensure good water quality.


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