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How to stop feed waste when feeding chickens

November 2, 2021

How to stop feed waste when feeding chickens? The answer is using automatic chicken feeding machine.


What Is an Automatic Chicken Feeding Machine?
The automatic chicken feeding machine takes feed from a central hopper or bin out to feed the birds continuously all day. In place of having to fill the score of separate feeding troughs, the poultry man fills just one – the hopper – and does it just this process once a day. There is also a manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line.


These are the complete set of automatic chicken feeding system are consists of following:

The Feed Tank.
Feed Silos.
Traveling Hooper.
Feed discharge.

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How It Works?
The distributing systems consists of with an endless chain driven by the motor and also gears. There is a pan feed sensor where the ends of each feeding line that controls motors on and have to achieve automatic feeds delivery. When all the feeds pan are filled of feed, control box will stop the motors from working. When pan is eaten up, these start the control that will restart the motor.
 After the feeds are put into the hopper and the machine is started, the operations are continuous.


Feeds in the hopper are moved to an outlet ports at the bottom of hopper. It falls through the opening onto the slowly moving chain. The chain, which are travels through the trough, carries the feeds along with it out to the flock. The bird eat it from trough.


The chicken breed feeds tank outside at the chicken house where transports are the feed system into the feeds silos, and then the conveying the device transport where feed to the traveling hopper according to the time which is set. When the last traveling hopper are filled with feeds, then the conveying device are stopped automatically. The chicken feeds feeding system run smoothly, and the feeds from traveling hopper flows evenly into the trough so every chicken get the fresh feeds. After the feeds eaten up, the traveling hopper automatically run to the feed discharge position, then the hopper is filled up again.

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How to Save Feed?

The saving in feeds system is comes from two ways. The birds are not waste feed by billing it and out from an automatic’s trough because they do from a hand-filled trough. The movement of the chain seems to be attracted them, and also encouraging the birds to eat more and more.


The indication of the time and the labor saving may give by the experience of the HUAXING poultry equipment. And, none cares for 40,000 to 50,000 broilers instead of 10,000 he would when hand feeders were used for feeding.


Considering theis advantage for your poultry, it would be personally recommend that you need to think of a automatic chicken feeding machine if you haven’t done it yet. Also, hope we can provide service for you.


Any questions, please contact us, we are always here to help.