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Advantage of use H type layer chicken cage

October 26, 2021

    Everyone know that eat an egg every day is good health for our body, Eggs have a big market demand,

Decade ago,if you want to eat eggs, need raise several chicken in yourself house,as time goes,people can purcahse eggs in supermarket,

Because many people want to purchase eggs usually,so if big production egg become a important way for farmer.

     We are a company manufacture automatic farm equipment beyond 25 years,our company aim to make poulry business become easier ,After years of research and development ,our company has developed raise a large quantity H type all set automatic farm equipment for layer chicken,

2 labor can operate 50,000birds /shed .

    Recently we have go to one farmer copmany,he has been purchase autoamtic farm equopment from our company,his compnay lied in Pingdingshan city Henan Province,he have purcahse 4 chicken house automatic farm equipment from our company, one chicken house raise quantity about 70,000 birds,4 chicken house raise quantity about 280,000 birds, it caused a lot of repercale locations ,the project has been attractive many people who want to begain poultry business project.

    You know that why do they choose H type automatic farm equipment ,that is because:

    1. The mesh of the layer cage is relatively smooth, which can prevent the chicken from being injured and infected with the foot.

    2. The partition net and bottom net of the layer cage are encrypted, which can effectively prevent the pecking of the anus and the fatigue syndrome of the laying hen.

   3.The full set of hot-dip galvanizing process is used, which is corrosion-resistant and has a service life of more than 20 years;

   4. High-density breeding in layer cages saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention, and can also reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.

   5. The unique door reinforcement design of the layer cage can effectively prevent the chickens from shaking and wasting feed when they eat. And because the cage door space increases, it is more convenient to manage various chickens.

   6.Centralized management, saving energy and resources, adopting advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy consumption, increase labor productivity, and increase the feed-to-egg ratio;

   So,you want to begain poultry business project, want to know more details,can contact us directly,our company can provide from A-Z severice for you.