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How to choose chicken cage correctly

April 20, 2020

For each kind of chicken cage, the production process and design type are designed according to different chicken breeds, so the most important thing for the farmers to choose the cage is to choose the cage according to their own chicken breeds. Now the cage equipment widely used by farmers is: layer hen cage, broiler cage, brood cage. Next, Huaxing poultry equipments will make a detailed introduction to the three different types of cage equipment for the farmers.

layer hen cage: there are two types of egg coops: cascade type and ladder type. If the farmers want to mechanized culture, they can use cascade type chicken coops, if they want to artificial culture, they can use ladder type cage. These two kinds of cages are made of hot-dip galvanized materials, which are corrosion-resistant and aging resistant, and their service life can be more than 20 years. The surface of the cage is smooth, which can effectively prevent the foot injury and improve the survival rate. Moreover, the design advantages of the cage are mainly reflected in the front net and cage door, as well as cage density and rolling eggs, which more embodies the interests of the growth of the layer.


Broiler cage: now the main implementation of the broiler cage on the market is the laminated broiler cage. This cage is also made of hot-dip galvanized material. According to the growth characteristics of broilers, in order to overcome the inflammation of the chest caused by the hard bottom of the cage, the cage is made of high-quality steel. In the process of broiler growth, there is no need to transfer the cage from the chick to the broiler market, so as to reduce the trouble of farmers catching chickens and avoid some adverse reactions.


Chick cage: chick cage is a kind of cage specially made for chick. Using galvanized low-carbon steel wire in the brood cage has strong tensile and compressive properties. Using the chick cage to raise the chicks can better observe the growth state of the chicks, which is convenient for the farmers to group and eliminate them.