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How to choosing & purchase chicken cages

April 20, 2020

In the breeding process of chickens, the choice of chicken cage is a crucial step. Because the chicken cage is a necessary condition for the flock's life, the quality of the chicken cage will directly affect the growth of the flock and the economic benefits of the farmers. Therefore, when farmers buy cages, not only must they consider the price of the cage, but also the quality of the cage. In order to make it convenient for farmers to purchase cost-effective cages when purchasing chicken cages
1. When purchasing chicken cages, the material of the chicken cages should be looked at first. You should select cages that are made of tough materials and the surface should be smooth to prevent damage to the chickens. Chicken cage manufacturers remind farmers to choose hot-dip galvanized materials currently on the market when purchasing cages, which not only have a smooth surface but also have a long service life, which is more favorable to the growth of chickens.
2. Pay attention to the design angle of the bottom of the chicken cage when buying the chicken cage. The angle of the chicken cage to roll eggs should be accurate, because if the angle of rolling eggs is small, the eggs are not easy to roll out, and it may be trampled by the flock, which will affect the profitability of the eggs. Thus, the angle of the bottom of the chicken cage is usually kept at 7-8 degrees.
3. When buying chicken cages, pay attention to the spacing between the bars. The most reasonable spacing is 2.5cm * 5cm. Some farmers think that because of the relatively large size of broilers, you can buy some cages with larger spacing when buying broiler cages, but this is not the case. For conditional farmers, a plastic net that is consistent with the cage eyes can be laid on the bottom of the chicken cage, which can not only reduce the breakage rate of eggs, but also prevent some diseases of the chicken flock.
4. The most important point is to pay attention to the connection between the chicken coop and the bottom net of the chicken coop when purchasing a chicken coop. There should not be a large gap here, because if the gap is too large, it will cause many eggs to fall from here, causing Eggs are broken, so farmers must pay attention when buying cages.
The above are some points that the chicken cage manufacturers have summarized for the farmers to pay attention to when purchasing chicken cages. I hope that these points mentioned today can attract the attention of farmers so that they can choose high-quality chicken cages.