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Difference A type and H type Layer chicken cage

November 19, 2021

    You know that A type layer chicken cage like letter of "A".H type like letter of ''H''

 But how to know your the big difference of A type and H type 

 A type chicken cage advantage:


The advantages of stepped layer cages: the upper and lower layers of cages are completely staggered, and the common ones are 3 to 4 layers.

The advantages are: no manure board is required at the bottom of the cage, and no manure removal system is required if it is a manure pit; the structure is simple; the ventilation and illumination of each layer of cage are large.


1. The mesh is smooth to prevent foot infections from injured chickens.

2. Encryption of the partition net and the bottom net can effectively prevent the fatigue syndrome of pecking feathers and anus and laying hens.

3. The mesh is galvanized to increase the service life. (The galvanizing is currently divided into cold galvanized, hot-dip galvanized wire, and hot dip galvanized in the market)

4. High-density breeding saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention and reduces the incidence of poultry diseases.

5. The unique door reinforcement design effectively prevents the chickens from shaking their heads and wasting feed when they eat. The space of the cage door is enlarged, which is convenient for various operations of the chicken.

6. Expansibility: It can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the venue, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.

7. The chicken manure conveyor belt is installed at the bottom, which effectively solves the pollution in the chicken house, and directly transports the manure to the outdoors, reducing manual input.


H type layer chicken cage advantage:


1. H type layer cage net mesh combination type, hot-dip galvanized production is durable;

2. The bracket is made of cold plate roll forming galvanized, the trough is made of white plastic steel, including the adjusting plate, including the joints, and the aperture of the plastic mat net is Q15mm;

3. The surface of the steel wire of the layer cage is smooth, free of cracks, scratches and other harmful defects. After the cage mesh is formed, it can effectively prevent the foot damage of the chicken and prevent the foot infection of the chicken due to the wire laceration. The occurrence of staphylococcus;

4. Easy to assemble, easy to feed, easy to manage, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, and improve the survival rate of chickens;

5. Reduce labor costs, realize fully automated control of feeding, feeding, drinking, manure removal, and environment, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves labor costs;

6. Low investment, cascaded breeding equipment is used under the same breeding scale, high breeding density, land saving, and high degree of intensification.