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What should be paid attention to when breeding laying hens

April 16, 2020

1,Lighting management
Under normal circumstances, the closed house uses 10 hours of lighting everyday for 17 weeks, and then adjust to 12 hours after 17 weeks. The open and semi-open houses use natural light. And for 17 weeks, if the hours of lighting is less than 12 hours, adjust it to 12 hours.

Feed Nutrition Management
2,Feed formulation should be reasonable
The farm should allocate nutrition according to the different breeds of laying hens and the nutrition standards of each growth stage. Different breeds of hens have different standards of nutritional requirements at the time of production. Farmers should customize their laying hens recipe according to the nutritional data of crude protein, metabolic energy, calcium and phosphorus, methionine, lysine, linoleic acid and other nutrients required by the variety based on the breeding variety and the breeding manual or nutrition data tool book, and the data of the actual production.

3,Health management
Use cages for breeding as much as possible, because it can clean up the feces in the fastest rate and reduce the spread of disease.