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Instant Drying Poultry Farm Climate Control System 2000 / 1800 / 1500mm Length

Instant Drying Poultry Farm Climate Control System 2000 / 1800 / 1500mm Length

  • High Light

    ventilation exhaust fan


    evaporative cooling pad

  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Material
    Wood Pulp Paper
  • Frame Structure
    Galvanized Steel
  • Width
  • Flute High
  • Item
    Poultry Farm Climate Control System
  • Decreasing Temperature
    8-12 ℃
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
    $20 Per Set
  • Packaging Details
    LCL: first packed with plastic film, then on the pallets
  • Delivery Time
    7 Work Days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    5000 Sets Per Month

Instant Drying Poultry Farm Climate Control System 2000 / 1800 / 1500mm Length

Poultry Farm Environment Control System Evaporative Cooling Pad


Product Details:

Cooling pad installed at one end of the greenhouse, the suction ventilator installed in the other end.

When the air in greenhouse is needed to cool down, the control system of fan will start, the indoor air is

forced out and build-up the negative pressure; At the same time, the water pump water the cooling pad.

The negative pressure cause the indraft through the wet pad, leading to evaporation and cooling, then

the cold air flow through the greenhouse, absorb the indoor heat, so as to achieve the purpose of the

circulating cooling.


1. Made of corrugated fiber paper with the spatial crossing linking technology
2. High hygroscopicity: to absorb water naturally, with fast speed of pervasion and lasting effectiveness.
3. Specific stereoscopic structure: large evaporation area, and cooling efficiency can be as high as 80%.
4. Instant-drying: when water stops flowing on pad surface, its protection coat will dry very soon. In this

case, animalcule can not live on the surface which prevents the growing of algae.
5. No phenol in the raw material, which is irritant to skin: safe, energy saving, environmental protective,

economic and durable.
6. No micro hole on the surface: preventing the algae from living in deep part of pad. Algae will fall

automatically when the pad becomes dry.
7. Frame: galvanized, aluminum alloy or stainless steel, beautiful and practical, high-strength, easy to remove.

Instant Drying Poultry Farm Climate Control System 2000 / 1800 / 1500mm Length 0


H: Height W: Width D: Depth h: corrugation height
α: corrugated sheet angle   β: corrugated sheet angle 




H (mm)






D (mm)



h (mm)









Instant Drying Poultry Farm Climate Control System 2000 / 1800 / 1500mm Length 1

Evaporative cooling pad is mainly used for cooling system, heating system, dust removal filter system.

Fan cooling system is the most common arrangement form of greenhouse, and wet pad is installed at

one side of the greenhouse gable, fan will be installed on its relative to the other side of the wet pad.

The fan ventilates the wind outside, which makes indoor form a negative pressure, then the outside air

of one side wet pad enter into the indoor through wet pad.

Instant Drying Poultry Farm Climate Control System 2000 / 1800 / 1500mm Length 2




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A: Huaxing is a factory with automatic production machines. We can show you a video of the machine working. We only need two weeks to prepare the goods ordered.our factory have more than 25 years of experience.


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A: Yes, no problem, when we arrange the production, the quantities for all fittings and accessories are more than your requirements. We guarantee we will provide you extra accessories for using and replacing


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